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Love Bumper

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Lovebumper At a Glance

This love bumper is a bit more advanced than the others. It is meant to facilitate a number of activities.  To help with knees for those bringing in the new year doggy positions, give the support needed for a some of the more common tantra techniques, lift hip and help push your legs far backwards while on your back and most to help place the body in a really good orgasmic position. By holding the small of the back along the curve of the Lovebumper, the sensations of pleasure find their way easily up the spine.  We know that this is quite a statement, but back it up with the experience of many Lovebumper users. Please note: this product is not available in the USA.

By supporting your body and allowing you to use the most muscle groups during sex, you can lift and maneuver your partner powerfully.
By using ergonomics to hold, position and support the body, you have the stamina to go longer and faster.
By placing you and your partner in the right position, you can go the final frontier!
  • – Machine washable
  • – Waterproof
  • – Durable materials
Configure your Love BumperAvailable colors

(All love bumpers are waterproof with machine washable covers that can be easily removed.)

Pockets – Not Available

Restraints – Sexy and really well made. you can check them out on the restraint page for more info

Warranty – 1 year and 30 days of complimentary telephone support

Gift Ribbons – Let us glitz it up to say… “you rock!”

Is this your first Love Bumper? Start here. What’s in the Box?
Get detailed answers to specifics Love Bumper questions.

  • – What can I do on a Love Bumper? (See the “Positions” tab)
  • – Which Love Bumper is right for me? (See the “Compare” tab)
  • – Love Bumper
  • – Sample pack of lubrications
  • – Durable diagram and position guide
Accessories for Your Love Bumper

We offer handpicked collections of the best accessories – all guaranteed to work with your specific Love Bumper.

Your own team of Love Bumper experts. With you all the way.
Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products. Just call our toll free number 1.866.600.0321
Specialized Individual Help
For more in depth information please set up an appointment with one of our skilled Love Bumper sex experts. Our skilled team is available for one to one support on faster orgasms, hip or joint problems or overcoming various physical ailments. Talk you though it while you do it is available on an hourly basis. Please call for pricing.







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Top 3 Positions Downward Dog, Upright Missionary Position, Reverse Cowgirl Person on Top, Reverse Cow Girl, Doggy Position Person on Top, Reverse Cow Girl, Doggy Position downward dog, upright missionary style ie. legs on shoulders, tantra spider G spotting, g spot play, tantric positions, reallyencourages orgasm, all knee positions Clitoral stimulation during anal or doggy, Great for solo riding or riding while giving oral sex.
Physical Aspects Excellent for people with hip problems, Moderate back and spine issues, soft tissue and joint hip problems Back injuries of all types mild to severe, hip injuries, mild to severe, all knee problems Back injuries of all types mild to severe, hip injuries mild to severe, all knee problems Best for people with minimum lower back pain and compression,women who take a little longer to orgasm Helps those with trouble achieving orgasms reach their goal, athletes with knee problems, hip problems Back problems especially those who cant lay on their back
Sizing 16x20x6 49x20x13 51x20x17 14X14X6 1 /2 48x20x8 11X11X20
Restraints Available Available Available N/A Available Available
Pocket Available Available Available Available Available Comes with strap
Best Vibes Lelo Gigi,Mystic Wand Lelo Gigi,Mystic Wand Lelo Gigi,Mystic Wand Lelo Gigi,Mystic Wand Lelo Gigi,Mystic Wand Lelo Gigi,Mystic Wand
Shipping US and Canada US and Canada US and Canada US and Canada Canada N/A USA US and Canada


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